TechknowledgeEase, LLC
Personalized support for your needs

Our Mission Statement

TKE Solutions can help your business maintain modernization with the changing marketplace and keep your costs manageable within your budget. Understanding your current situation and addressing what steps to take is the first element to developing a plan to overcome these challenges. Unlike many other I.T. firms, TechKnowledgeEase, LLC is local, providing our clients with local response times for local rates.


Don't own a business?

TKE Solutions doesn't just do work for the Small Business Owner, but we can help out the Home Owner as well. We specialize in home networking and computer repair for anyone in need of these services. Whether you're an upcoming entrepreneur, a college student, or the average home user.....we can help find a solution. Services include: virus removal, data recovery, networking, and computer training.


Don't like our rates?

TKE Solutions can help find a solution right for you needs, even if you choose not to use us as your support management team. We can create a comprehensive proposal of the solution for use at a later date, self implementation, or use by another I.T. Consulting Firm.

Special terms and conditions apply. Contact us for details.